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Shoot Better Car Images with Sony @ Net Car Showroom
Aug 19 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Learn to shoot better car pictures with Sony & Phottix.

Sony will have loaner gear available!

Come join us and learn more about light shaping!

Limit 30 attendees

Call (713) 789-6901 for more info.



World Photographic Macro – Close Up Photography Workshop @ Texas Photography Museum
Aug 19 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Looking for a Texas Photo Day Trip?

The Mini – Macro Fest – 2017 is being held indoors
Saturday, August 19 at the Texas Photographic Museum.




Get out of the heat and into the coolest and most comfortable macro class you have ever attended.

Gain better control over depth-of-field & perfect your macro/close-up photography techniques during this full-day  macro photography workshop.
The workshop will cover both artistic and technical aspects.
Learn how lens focal length affects field of view, working distance, and composition.

Teaching points & more:
• The technical side of macro photography
• Composing for macro
• Lighting with regard to macro photography
• Creative light and backgrounds
• Tips for focusing on nature’s smallest subjects
• LOTS of practice interspersed with classroom learning.
• One-to-one assistance throughout the day
• Handout & note-taking packet
• Post-workshop image review via Go To Meeting for interested participants

We will break for lunch; Join us at a local restaurant or bring your own.

We will have multiple sets utilizing flash, constant lights, LED’s, window light, reflectors, light tables
in the modern 3,000 square foot air-conditioned studio, at Texas Photography Museum located in Caldwell Texas.

Instructors Doug Box and Randy Kerr will be available to help you get the beautiful images you want and to guide you along the way.

You will need:
Macro lens, extension tubes, close-up filters or zoom lens with macro setting
Fresh batteries, memory card
Not required but helpful:
Tripod & Light Meter

Sodas, water, and tea will be provided.
BYOB is allowed.

Let the weekend be all photographic – you can also sign up for one-on-one training or personal print critiques
on Sunday with Doug or Randy. For more info email at or

Solar Eclipse
Aug 21 @ 11:46 am – 2:45 pm

Stop by Houston Camera Exchange to get the proper gear for your camera to capture this spectacular event.
We are sold out of eclipse glasses.

Safety when viewing the eclipse can’t be expressed enough.
You can read more about glasses and how to properly view the event at NASA.


The foremost concern in photographing a solar eclipse is the protection of your eyes and camera’s lens and sensor. This is achieved by using solar viewing lenses over your eyes and an approved solar filter for your camera and using.

Never look at the sun without accredited and approved solar filtration over your eyes. There are special solar viewing frames that can be used over your eyeglasses or solar viewing glasses for those that don’t wear glasses. Permanent, irreversible eye damage and/or blindness can result in seconds.

Never point your camera into the sun without this special solar filter. All camera lenses need an accredited and approved solar filter. Not using a solar filter at eclipse magnifications will ruin your camera in seconds.

Never improvise, modify or use general neutral density (ND) photography filters. They are totally insufficient to provide the protection your eyes, and your equipment, need. There are reasons for this that we’ll address in an upcoming article. Buy an approved solar filter. They’re inexpensive and are designed for the task.

What will you see where you live? has a few videos and a way to look up your zip code to check your viewing times.
Nikon Fellowship @ Houston Camera Exchange
Aug 26 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm


Meet with Doug Box and Randy Kerr for a morning of discussion on photography.

10:30 am Free Open Air Class – TBA
11:30 am Free Open Air Class – TBA
12:00 Lunch

Soulful Portraiture and Studio Lighting @ Texcam of Houston
Aug 26 @ 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm




A true portrait study is an evaluation of a persons essence and captures a paticular emotional state of being. This class will teach you how to approach your portraits from a place of emotional intention.

Learn to match the light of a portrait to the mood and emotion of your subject. Whether you are exploring the deepest emotion of your subject or posing a model to convey the highest level of confidence, your skill of directing the subject and planning your light will play a vital role in the outcome and vibe of your images.

Using various lighting patterns and modifiers, along with a preselected list of portrait emotions written on cards, this class promises to give you a complete 360° perspective of creating soulful portraiture.

This half-day course includes demonstration and hands-on practice shooting portraits in a studio with a model.

Topics will include:
Subject study
Light placement and planning for
Modifying light
Light Fall off
Situational awareness and more

In this course you will learn:
· The basics of portrait composition.
· Proper terminologies for light quantity, color, contrast and
direction You will learn how to recognize, and control it.
· Light Placement for 7 professional conceptual lighting patterns such
as Short, Broad , Loop, Axes, Wedge and Rembrandt
· Metering, for constant lights and studio flash
· How different focal lengths can alter the photographic portrait.

What to expect on the day?
The course is a stimulating combination of presentations, demonstrations, discussions with an opportunity for you to get your hands on the equipment and make compellling portrats.

The first part of this course we will cover equipment and methods used in portrait photographt then practice with a model.

Who will benefit from this course?
This workshop is for anyone who is wanting to learn how to connect with thier subjects and enhance their technical approach or maybe thinking of purchasing their own studio lights.

Though we will discuss the use of Aperture, shutter and ISOIt is assumed that those attending will have a basic knowledge of them.

Suggested equipment
Bring you camera, charged batteries, and empty memory card, a portrait lens (85mm, a zoom lens that includes 70 up to 200 mm. For example 35mm-70mm, 70 – 200 or 18mm- 120mm)
Tripods are not required.




Randy Kerr
Randy has photographed Texas and national public servants along with grand opening of events such as The National Wildflower Research Center, The Bob Bullock State history museum of Texas history, The Austin Convention center along with many Texas families and friends. Randy’s photographs hang in 27 countries around the world and have seen on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, The History Channel and NBC Today Show regarding locations in the Caribbean. Randy’s body of work gained him a global award announced at the World Travel market in London Top Ten Travel Photographers for ecological studies and responsible tourism.


Doug Box
Doug has taught in all 50 states, and in Canada, China, Denmark, England, Ireland, Mexico, Scotland and Wales. His articles and images have graced the pages of most professional photographic publications and he has written six books published by Amherst Media. . Besides being an excellent photographer, he is a dynamic speaker and was chosen to teach at Hasselblad University. He is a Kodak Mentor, has done work for ProPhoto, Sekonic, Wescott, Millers Lab, Manfrotto and more



This class is limited to 15-20 registrants

Shooting West Texas Photography Workshop at the o6 Ranch @ Kokernot o6 Ranch
Sep 21 – Sep 24 all-day

“West Texas Photography Workshop at the historic Kokernot 06 Ranch”
– September 21-24. Pick and choose as many days as you like.
1st workshop day = $750, each add-on workshop day is $300

The Kokernot o6 Ranch is one of the largest ranches, covering 2 of the largest counties, in Texas. Founded in 1912, this ranch is worked the same as they did 100+ years ago with cowboys rounding up and working cattle on horseback. The o6 Ranch is some of the most beautiful land you will see with its deep canyons and tall mountains.

This is a private ranch and family owned. As an attendee of the Shooting West Texas Photography Workshop you can be one of the few that get to experience and photograph the West from once upon a time.

We will arrive o6 cowboy camp before dawn: the campfire will be roaring with all the cowboys gathered and waiting for breakfast, which is served from the chuckwagon by the cooks. After the cowboys eat, we will partake in the wonderful, authentic cowboy breakfast. When the dawn light starts to shine, the cowboys will go to the “catch” pens to rope their horses that they use for that day. After they catch and ready their horses, the cowboys ride off to find the cattle. We will travel in trucks to the gathering locations to photograph the cowboys driving in the cattle from the mountains and canyons. Some of the days will include the cowboys driving the horses to a different camp.

You will get to experience the historical cowboy way of life and document it through the lens during this unique opportunity. This is a real working ranch, no staged shots!

Workshop is produced by Vicki LeBlanc and supported by Nikon, ThinkTank, Mpix and Houston Camera Exchange.

For reservations send email to or call 713-569-1366.

Non photographer companion can be arranged, fee will apply.