August 21, 2017 @ 11:46 am – 2:45 pm

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Safety when viewing the eclipse can’t be expressed enough.
You can read more about glasses and how to properly view the event at NASA.


The foremost concern in photographing a solar eclipse is the protection of your eyes and camera’s lens and sensor. This is achieved by using solar viewing lenses over your eyes and an approved solar filter for your camera and using.

Never look at the sun without accredited and approved solar filtration over your eyes. There are special solar viewing frames that can be used over your eyeglasses or solar viewing glasses for those that don’t wear glasses. Permanent, irreversible eye damage and/or blindness can result in seconds.

Never point your camera into the sun without this special solar filter. All camera lenses need an accredited and approved solar filter. Not using a solar filter at eclipse magnifications will ruin your camera in seconds.

Never improvise, modify or use general neutral density (ND) photography filters. They are totally insufficient to provide the protection your eyes, and your equipment, need. There are reasons for this that we’ll address in an upcoming article. Buy an approved solar filter. They’re inexpensive and are designed for the task.

What will you see where you live? Vox.com has a few videos and a way to look up your zip code to check your viewing times.