I am a hobbyist photographer living in Spring, Texas with my wife and youngest daughter. I have lived in Texas all my life so it’s pretty easy to understand my allegiance to our great state. I shoot entirely in Digital. I like to think of myself as an opportunist photographer. Meaning I don’t really pursue photographic subjects. I shoot what is presented to me as I go about my daily functions. With that said, the majority of my work will be based on my travels and adventures in and around Texas. There will be subjects in my portfolio that have been seen many times by the people of Texas. My challenge is to take those subjects and try and present them in a different light.

My main focus is generally in HDR but I don’t like to be labeled as an HDR artist because I enjoy all aspects of working with camera and computer. As you view my portfolio, you will see a lot of different styles – HDR, texture, manipulation, candid and portrait. I try to experiment with everything so I don’t grow bored with one particular style. I have also referred to my photographic style as Advanced ADHD because of the fact that one minute I can be processing an elaborate HDR and the next I will be working with texture or tweaking a panoramic shot.


Equipment List


  • Main – Canon Eos Digital Rebel
  • Secondary – Canon Powershot A630


  • Canon EFS 18 – 55
  • Canon EF 75 – 300


  • Manfrotto Joby – Gorillapod


  • Photoshop Elements 7

More Information